If you are looking for uncompromising quality and craftsmanship in your laser system, look no further than the Laser Alignment LB-4. This dual grade, automatic laser beacon boasts nearly every feature you will look for in a laser. Because it has the dual grade capability, the LB-4 is perfectly suited for even your most difficult jobsites, allowing you to enter grade on two completely independent planes. The LB-4 is also extremely rugged and is completely waterproof. A backlit digital display also keeps you informed of the current status of the laser and its functions. If you are looking for the very best in laser systems, look no further than the LB-4.
The Laser Alignment LB-10 is quite simply one of the most rugged and widely used lasers available on the market today. With its waterproof housing and simple one button operation, this laser is perfectly suited to any application where a precise, level finish grade is paramount. The LB-10 is self leveling, meaning that you have to spend far less time setting up your equipment, and more time using it. The LB-10 is the perfect addition to your new LaserLeveling Grading System, or as an addition to your existing inventory.
Boasting many of the same features as the LB-10, this new laser system from Laser Alignment gives you the maximum bang for the buck. In addition to the self leveling design and durable housing design this beacon is also priced to fit in just about any budget. If you are looking to grade within close proximity of the laser the LB-100 is the perfect choice.
The Laser Reference L1-AS has been making serious waves in the grading industry over the last several years. The manually leveling laser has everything you need to perform single grade laser finishing. With the simple turn of a dial you are able to program the exact amount of slope which you desire. If you are looking for the ideal no frills laser system, look no further than the L1-AS by Laser Reference.
Automatic laser systems just don't get any easier than the Laser Reference L4. This rugged level only laser has all of the features you have come to expect, at a price that is second to none. The L4 is ideal in nearly any situation where accuracy and cost-effectiveness are paramount. The L4 also comes equipped with a receiver for you to check grade and marking with as well.
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